GeoPost: package delivery drone CEEMA tested on the site in the Var (VIDEO)

Since last September, tests are carried out by GeoPost, a subsidiary of La Poste CEEMA on the site, the Center of Studies and tests for Models autonomous located in the Var. These tests are parcel deliveries by air through drones.

The trial conducted by GeoPost demonstrated the use of delivery-size drone. The trial, conducted in September took the form of an obstacle course to the drone, in order to test all capability under real conditions.

The conditions of this test were to fly the drone over a distance of 1200 meters. The drone was to deliver a package of 2 kg. GeoPost has awarded the company Atechsys the development of a prototype capable of carrying a package with a size of 40 x 30 x 20 cm and weighing up to 4 kg within 20 km and in all possible geological conditions .

The drone carried out by the independent company specializing in electric models Atechsys has six rotors and is strong enough to carry large parcels in all weather and whatever the terrain. Flights are monitored via a control room. Payload packages transported can reach up to 4 kg, and the weight of the drone is 3.7 kg. The flight data are reported directly in the control room which features an aerial view of a flying drone control via a control system substantially identical to that of the aircraft. … (read more)


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