A drone's perspective of the riots in Thailand (VIDEO)

Two videos have been uploaded onto YouTube showing an interesting perspective of the riots that occurred this past weekend in Thailand. 

From up in the sky, a drone provides a clear view of action never seen before. Protesters throw tear gas back at police barricades as the drone hovers above . Surprisingly, the film footage creates an intriguing objectivity as the drone allows the viewers to document both sides without the danger of actually being present.

The riots broke out last week in an outcry against the current ruling party family, the Shinawatra. The Shinawatra’s are the most influential political family in Thailand, having won every election since 2001. But in recent years, the family has caused controversy as Thaksin Shinawatra was removed from office in a military coup in 2006 due to what many protesters considered an abuse of power. Thaksin is in exile, but the current president, Yingluck Shinawatra, is the sister of Thaksin.

The New York Times reported that protesting and rioting has slowed down since the King of Thailand’s birthday is approaching and as Thailand enters its peak tourism season. Police and government officials tore down their barricades to encourage a better atmosphere and reduce confrontation. Out of respect for the King, much of the protesting has simmered to not insult or offend the monarch, who turns 86 on Thursday.

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Source: ryot.org

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