Airware shows off its drones made to protect rhinos from deadly poachers

Drones many of times conjure up the thought of airstrikes and innocent deaths, but start-up company Airware hopes to convince people that drones can provide justice for endangered wildlife in Africa. Today, the UAV hardware-software firm gave a demo on how it created its drones to drive away poachers in Kenya. The presentation may build up enough interest in the public eye as the debut of its commercial drone platform is set for late 2014.

Airware sent its team off to work in Kenya at East Africa’s largest sanctuary built for black rhinos. A drone was created to watch over the Ol Pejeta Conservancy for possible poachers using the cameras that the drone was equipped with. Airware writes that “The drone, equipped with Airware’s autopilot platform and control software, acts as both a deterrent and a surveillance tool, sending real-time digital video and thermal imaging feeds of animals – and poachers – to rangers on the ground using both fixed and gimbal-mounted cameras.”

Having to cover all that ground by foot or even in a vehicle would be time-consuming, and the use of helicopters would be costly at best. However, with the use of Airware’s drones, the park rangers can monitor the territory by having the drones fly around the safe haven and find poachers at all hours of the day. … (Read more)

Airware shows off its drones made to protect rhinos from deadly poachers


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