Buying a drone? Know your needs

Drones, or unmanned aerial systems, are hot in agriculture right now. And, this rapidly growing market is offering farmers a ton of choices. Knowing which one to buy can be tough, making reaching a clear idea of the tech tool’s purpose and role on your farm of utmost importance before you buy.

Aaron Sheller operates Precision Drone alongside his family’s farm in central Indiana. He got into the drone game when he saw the technology as critical to augmenting his efficiency and profitability in lieu of simply growing his acreage base.

“We know it’s hard to grow your business and do an efficient job managing those acres,” Sheller says. “From our standpoint as growers, we want to be able to manage our acres on an acre-by-acre basis rather than a field-by-field basis.”

Sheller uses a 6-blade multi-prop helicopter-style drone — the same ones his company offers to farmers and crop consultants — to create quick crop health maps and make nutrient management decisions from the field’s edge in a much shorter timeframe than with traditional field scouting. … (Read more)