Geo Infra will speak during the UAS Event

Jarno de Jong, projectleader Geo Infra will talk about actual cases in orthography and 3D terrain modelling using UAS
Geo Infra is one of the first companies to have the advanced surveying aircraft – the Geo-Airflight. The Geo-Airflight allows you to map any area you wish; areas that cannot be surveyed using normal methods can easily be charted using our surveying aircraft. The surveying aircraft flies at a height of between 150 and 750 metres and thus remains below the cloud base. The surveying aircraft can therefore be used throughout the whole year.

The Geo-Airflight can be used for various purposes and applications such as flights to capture (3D) models which can be used for 3D designs and for determining quantities. You can also use the Geo-Airflight for the following purposes, amongst others:

  • Orthography
  • 3D terrain modelling
  • Aerial photography
  • Vegetation research
  • Updating topographic management maps

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