Olle Hagner speaks at UAS Event in Odense

Olle Hagner, Co-founder of Smartplanes and Senior Advisor will speak at UAS event about “Agriculture UAS business – ready for take-off?”

Unmanned Aircraft SystemsWithin the civilian sector small UAS have already proven to be very successful in the fields of surveying and aerial photography. The number of operators and systems are increasing at an exponential rate in countries where aviation authorities have implemented the necessary regulatory framework.

The presentation will give an overview of the potential application areas for small UAS within the fields of agriculture and forestry and also discuss the main enabling and limiting factors that might determine whether or not agriculture and forestry are to become the next booming business area for small UAS.


About Olle Hagner
Olle Hagner is one of the co-founders of Smartplanes AB. Until 2007 he held a position as Senior Research Scientist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Remote Sensing Laboratory. His main fields of research spans over technologies such as; multispectral analysis using both space- and airborne sensor systems, LIDAR, UAS, computer vision, forest survey and inventory. He initialised a research program IFLYG to investigate the potential use of small UAS within the fields of agriculture, forestry environmental monitoring, law enforcement and security.


About Smartplanes
Smartplanes AB was formed in 2005 as a spin-off company based on the results of the IFLYG project to develop and commercialize small UAS technology. The company’s main product the SmartOne UAS is specifically designed for aerial survey, forest mapping and crop monitoring. It is also designed to meet existing and future safety standards required by aviation authorities. Smartplanes UAS now operate in many countries around the world

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