Senior Scientist of Aarhus University will speak at UAS Event

Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen, Senior Scientist in Automation Technology within BioSystems Engineering of Aarhus University will bring up the question: “Are drones the new Holy Grail for precision agriculture or just a mutation of the 90th yield mapping failures?”

Unmanned Aircraft SystemsToday it seems like the second you say “drone” to a farmer (at least the male part) his brain short circuit and he is just too eager to get a drone. Just like in the case of our little drone press release ( resulted in a visit to Denmark from Discovery Channel Canada ( Yes, drones will be of values for the future farmer but it will not be an universal tool solving all the farmers problem….



About Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen

Through his various publications, he has documented excellent scientific knowledge and experiences in sensing and statistical modeling of biosystem variables and developing robotic technologies for advances in efficient and environmentally friendly bioproduction systems. His mission is to make sense of the sensed and turn it into eco-efficient actions within bio-production systems.


About the Aarhus Univeristy

This organization of the engineering discipline at Aarhus University forms a solid framework for operation and development of engineering education in accordance with market demand, for a unique model of cooperation with the industry and for a strongly expanding research environment.

Department of Engineering and Aarhus University School of Engineering is united in a common goal of ensuring a clear correlation between societal investment in the engineering discipline and the contribution of the engineering discipline to a stronger Danish economy.

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