An alternative cargo concept on a wheel! (VIDEO)

Transwheel concept is formed as part of my personal vision about robots future in the field of transport in the urban environment .

The name of Transwheel created from the combination of the words trance that this is a shortcut for transportation and Wheel Of course he remembered his source . This conceptual project was created By Kobi Shikar as a project at Shenkar College High School education and design.Transwheel concept is an autonomous robotic wheel with A self- balancing system and an electric arms , and a GPS -driven communication capability that enables it to operate in isolation or as a member of the band Robots .

This detection cameras of the Transwheel concept will have the means to urban environment full of obstacles and bring the required shipping destination in the fastest and safest . The role , carrying out transportation urban environment , around the clock , starting by mail box to large dimension entities , such as containers . In addition, it has a rolling robot There are LED signal and enable it to be seem during the night other vehicles and persons on the roads. Also , these robots know how to get their own point of load if necessary when their battery is low.

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