What can air cargo do for UCA?

Given all of the hype of recent months, readers would be forgiven for thinking unmanned air cargo operations were just around the corner. They are, but only if the industry is prepared to engage in the change.

There is no doubt that the prospect of utilising unmanned aerial systems (UAS) of all sizes has huge potential for improved efficiencies, lower costs and operational security.

In fact, once embarked upon, the technology has the ability to change the entire complexion of world-wide logistics from manufacturing, through storage and distribution to final delivery.

Whilst there has been a proliferation of the use of small unmanned systems, better known as drones, for limited tasks such as building inspections and local aerial photography, the development of large unmanned systems has been focused almost exclusively on the requirements of the military, with new and unique capabilities coming to the fore every year. Read more…

Source: aircargonews.net


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