Travel by Drone: The Latest in Armchair Travel

Every so often the world of armchair travel shakes up with a new revelation. Now, we have something else that’s taking remote wanderlusting to a whole new level: drones. While much of the media associates drones with militaristic projects, these machines can also capture beautiful panoramas from stuning vantage points most of us don’t have the privilege of enjoying — we rarely see a bird’s-eye view of the world. Continue reading “Travel by Drone: The Latest in Armchair Travel”

MIT researchers build drones to light up photo shoots

Researchers at MIT and Cornell University are looking to give modern photographers a helping hand by designing a series of autonomous drones that can help light photo shoots. The helicopter robots are equipped with a continuous-light source that produces an effect called “rim lighting” — a difficult technique in which only the edges of a photographer’s subject are lit very well. Continue reading “MIT researchers build drones to light up photo shoots”

Airdog Action Sports Drone

If you happen to be an adrenaline junkie and would like to capture your action shots from different perspectives without having to rely on a helmet mounted camera, then this particular Kickstarter project might just be your cup of tea. Known as the Airdog, this is an action sports quadcopter drone that will follow you with the help of a GPS signal, keeping up with you whenever you are active. Continue reading “Airdog Action Sports Drone”