Commercial drone operators in US ignoring federal regulations restricting drone flights

According to a new Reuters report, individuals using drones for commercial purposes in the United States are in some cases simply ignoring the federal regulations that restrict drone flights and in others using clever tricks to avoid the regulations entirely.
Commercial use of drones domestically is just one aspect of the massive drone boom that has pushed colleges and universities to offer more drone piloting programs. Currently, no one even knows how many entities are cleared to fly drones by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

While commercial use is indeed concerning, we cannot ignore the military use of drones domestically in concert with law enforcement (something which is disturbingly common), the fact that Customs and Border Protection uses drones capable of intercepting electronic communications and identifying people on the ground, nor the Department of Homeland Security use of drones, the constantly growing list of public entities allowed to fly drones, the Marshals Service use of drones, the use by National Guard units and so much more.

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