Commercial use of drones in Czech Republic has tripled since last year

The number of drones used commercially by both state institutions and private firms in the Czech Republic has been rising and it has tripled since last year, Czech Civil Aviation Authority (ÚCL) spokesman Vítězslav Hezký has told the Czech News Agency.

Drones help check electricity pylons, they uncover defects in the construction of new roads and soon they will also help the police and firefighters in their actions.

At the beginning of October, the ÚCL registered 150 unmanned aircraft designated for commercial and not recreational purposes, while last year it was 47 and in 2013 no drones were registered at all, Hezký said.

The IT Administration of Plzeň, west Bohemia, have six drones registered. Their advantage, compared with helicopters, is a much cheaper operation, its director Luděk Šantora said. While an hour of a helicopter in the air costs tens of thousands of crowns, in the case of a drone it is just dozens of crowns, he added.

However, so far drones have helped the integrated rescue system only during exercised, Šantora said.

They might be deployed in action for the first time in Plzeň on Sunday when a football league match between Viktoria Plzeň and Sparta Praha is played there and the police have asked for monitoring the football arena surroundings.Read more