'Drone journalism' a new routine to cover stories

Opportunities and Challenges of Drones in News Gathering

News organisations will soon make routine use of unmanned drones to cover stories, a new report claims, with the rise of “airborne paparazzi” and covert surveillance of public figures likely to be the source of future legal headaches.
The 42 pages report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford details how drones have already been used by journalists, from the Australian television channel that took aerial images of a controversial immigrant detention centre to paparazzi using the technology to photograph heiress Paris Hilton on holiday.

The Reuters study envisages a world where an event like the Olympics might be covered by a vast array of drones from different media organisations, all clamouring for space among athletes and spectators.

In the case of larger drones, commercial and military flight paths would have be negotiated and emergency services alerted to avoid endangering lives.

“Major news events would produce a plethora of media drones, contesting for airspace with RPAS (Remotely Piloted Air Systems) of emergency services and piloted aircraft,” the report states. “This would endanger not only the drones, but people in piloted aircraft and on the ground should collisions or other accidents occur”.

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Source: Reuters

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