Drones being used again for University of Missouri classes

University of Missouri instructor Bill Allen is confident that recent rulings prohibiting drones from flying outdoors will be overruled. And he hopes that when it happens, his students will be prepared to use drones in their industries of choice.

This semester, Allen is teaching a one-credit hour introductory class in hopes of giving his students some basic information about drone use and getting them to think creatively about how to implement drones in their own fields of study.

“There has been mounting interest within the science community on campus, especially in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, to do research and teach using drones,” Allen said. “I’ve been playing with this idea since last December, when a group of about 25 faculty members got together and discussed the interest and need for a class like this. These are faculty from all over campus, but especially CAFNR and other life sciences.” … (Read more)

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Source: ColombiaTribune.com