IIT students make a NaMo drone for poll campaigning

Far from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, drones are set to take poll campaigning to new heights in the Capital. A group of students at IIT-Delhi have designed a drone to carry banners asking people to vote for BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi.

The lightweight equipment can reach a height of 4,000 feet and has a reach of 1,000 metres. The remote-controlled object will fly around open spaces – like parks and grounds – and drop pamphlets in support of Modi as PM, besides acting as a banner in the sky for the Gujarat chief minister.

“The drone is in its final stages of completion and will soon be used to reach out to voters in Delhi. The exterior of the drone will carry the message “Modi for PM” while we can also drop pamphlets through it in the area of campaigning,” said Sanjay Kharwar, who developed the drone with two of his college friends – Brij Kishore Maurya and Tanmay Bunkar. … (Read more)

Source: HindustanTimes.com