Israel Aerospace Industries butterfly drone

The “butterfly” is practically silent and, when it hovers a few metres above your head, sometimes merges with the background and seems to disappear (VIDEO).

This is exactly what IAI wants to achieve – a miniature UAV that can enter buildings and relay video and sound to forces outside.

Six years ago, an engineer involved in some of IAI’s major projects decided to study the motion of butterfly wings to create a fluttering robot suitable for military missions. The idea came as no surprise for many at IAI as the engineer in question is also chairman of the Israeli Lepidopterists Society.

The project flies under the banner: “If nature can do it, we have to try to mimic it.” IAI decided to start off by mimicking a dragonfly, which has four wings that enable it hover.

Another interresting comparable project is DelFly II, a project started at Delft University of Technology . A cooperation between TNO and ASTI determined the goals and requirements for the DelFly II project.See the video below.

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