Need Advil Or A Condom? Call Up A Drone

A new service launching in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood will use drones for small deliveries. Just make sure you’re good at catching things first: “We’re not going to be landing, we’re going to be dropping things.”

In a few months, if you happen to live in the Mission District in San Francisco and need a last-minute delivery from a local drugstore, you might be able to call up a drone to fly it to your apartment.

QuiQui (pronounced “quicky”), a new startup, is taking advantage of a recent court decision that made commercial drones legal to fly below 500 feet. The service will pick up small deliveries–say, a bottle of medicine that you don’t want to pick up because you’re sick in bed–and bring it to your front door for just $1.

The drones will fly high enough to avoid trees and power lines, and will take advantage of the neighborhood’s relatively flat landscape. “The Mission is pretty devoid of tall buildings, so we don’t have to worry about navigating dusty alleys between skyscrapers, or wondering whether there’s window washing on a certain day–all the logistics of tall buildings,” says Joshua Ziering, QuiQui’s founder. … (Read more)