Small Drones Track Mafia Eco-Criminals in Italy

Treading through marshes at dawn, Massimiliano Lega, an environmental engineer, is careful not to disturb the ground.

As he walks, fumes escape from cracks in the earth. There’s a choking stench of gas, bleach and burnt tires. This is the Naples countryside. Two truckloads of poisonous junk are buried here, just below Lega’s sneakers. He says the Camorra mafia is to blame. Lega points his thermal camera at any smoking groove, as guard dogs bark from a distance. Lega is here testing his latest creation. It’s called StillFly — a three-winged, five-pound, battery-powered drone that flies a few feet above the ground. The drone’s heat-sensing camera and gas sensors transmit data to a monitoring station, where Lega studies the images.

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Source: sUAS News

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