The Netherlands Police Agency (KLPD) experiments with UAS

Gerard ten Buuren, who will give a presentation during the UAS event, wrote an article about the UAS pilots done by The Netherlands Police Agency (KLPD).
Air-to-ground surveillance systems provide a unique contribution to gain situational awareness. The overview picture that they generate, combined with their perspective from above, provides users with a context and type of information unmatched by other sources. Soon after military UAS operations started, these systems attracted the attention of the Dutch police forces.

The Netherlands Police Agency (KLPD) started experimenting with Unmanned Aircraft Systems in 2007 and since then investigated the application of these  aircraft for a diversity of police force specifi c scenarios. The activities started by simply acquiring an unmanned helicopter, but rapidly evolved into a more thorough approach including the involvement of the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR and the Universities of Delft and Wageningen.

Read the whole article or attend the UAS Event Seminar and get a fresh update how the The Netherlands Police Agency (KLPD) uses UAS.

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