University to allow students to rent drones from library

Students at the University of South Florida will be able to check out more than just books this fall. Last week, the university’s library announcedthat it would rent drones to students this school year, as part of a larger effort to expand the school’s digital learning programs.

USF’s library is the first college library to allow students to check out drones, according to William Garrison, dean of USF libraries.

The school purchased two $1500 drones that will be able to record video and fly up to 400 feet above the ground, Garrison says. He says the money to purchase the drones came from funds left over from a capital improvement and trust fund grant to build a “digital media commons” on the library’s first floor.

“After the Smart Lab was created on the second floor we saw use of the building explode,” Garrison says in the announcement. “The success of the second floor’s added technology and computers have inspired a similar theme for the first floor of the building.” … (Read more)