Halberd Corp to provide Unmanned Vehicle University with UAV for research and training

Halberd Corporation has entered into an exclusive agreement with Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU)

A cora-plast version of the Halberd Smoke Series Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will be provided to each student in the Doctorate and Masters Degree programs in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering and the Certificate in Unmanned Systems Project Management program. Halberd will be the exclusive provider to UVU’s students who will use the UAV for research, engineering and pilot training.

“This is an excellent addition to our world class institution that educates and trains future leaders in the commercial unmanned systems industry. This UAV will be integrated with several of our existing courses such as UAV Fundamentals, UAV Aerodynamics and UAV Test and Evaluation to give students important hands-on experience,” says Dr. (Col. Ret.) Jerry LeMieux, UVU President.

The Halberd Smoke Series UAV is one of the first in the industry able to be equipped with commercial Sense & Avoid (SAA) technology and can be used for a wide range of military and civilian applications. The SAA technology uses geometric interpretation and advanced collision avoidance algorithm that has very fast calculation times which produces a timely, safe and optimized collision avoidance solution. The SAA technology is optimized for a guaranteed safety maneuver of the aircraft in potential collision scenarios and provides an economic approach by minimizing critical object keep-out distance and eliminating unnecessary or false avoidance directives.

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Source: Unmanned Systems Technology

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