Your very own drone, to follow you home (VIDEO)

Universal Air got its start with a $15,000 Kickstarter campaign that earned $220,000 and now it wants to make drones that can autonomously follow you around. Without an Internet signal.
Imagine carving your way down a particularly challenging slope, your skis kicking up clouds of snow, trees flying by, your death-defying stunts captured perfectly on camera. And you’re all by yourself.

How would you pull off such a feat?
Short of those with a film crew on hand, or at least a buddy with a GoPro camera tracking your every move, it’s hard to imagine it being possible at all, let alone while you’re alone.

Next week, a startup called Universal Air will finish shipping out its entry level R10 quadrotors, a drone whose advertised combination of low price, reliability, and durability inspired more than 400 people to fund the company’s Kickstarter campaign to the tune of almost 15 times its financial goal. UAir, as it’s known, had hoped to raise $15,000 and ship 30 R10’s, according to co-founder Max Bruner, but ended up bringing in $220,000 and facing one of the problems many super-successful Kickstarter projects experience: the inability to quickly satisfy demand.

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