Developing an Unmanned Cargo Aircraft is more than certification alone.

“The importance to focus on the operational approach and implement that in the business model is often underestimated” states Christopher Spagnoletti, President at US Cargo Systems in the interview for JakajimaTV hosted by Pieter Hermans.

Chris has over 28 years of experience in developing complex aerospace utility systems. He has held executive level positions in both Engineering and Sales. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont. Chris has been with the company since 2010.

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) get more and more attention. UCA offer the potential to transport loads of 1 kg to 10 tons or more over both short and long distances, on routes that are unfeasible or uneconomical for other modes of transport. During the conference, internationally renowned speakers will introduce UCA development projects and potential applications.

Scope: The Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference aims to bring together manufacturers, operators, knowledge institutes, consultants, shippers and governmental organizations active in the upcoming field of unmanned cargo aircraft.

US Cargo Systems is a worldwide leader in the design and development of Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery Systems. We are proud of our over 50 year heritage serving countless commercial and military aircraft customers with leading edge technologies. We have provided systems for over 40 different aircraft types.
In addition to world class conveyance, guide and restraint solutions, The company has developed Aerial Delivery and Cargo Logistic Systems for several military transport freighter aircraft and rotorcraft.
Whether the need is for smart, lightweight and robust cargo handling, or flight critical complex systems, we have field proven solutions. Read more.

For more information about the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference, click here.

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