The Digital Tower where ATM and UTM will meet

Per Ahl, CEO, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions (SDATS), is interviewed for JakajimaTV hosted by Pieter Hermans. He is one of the for front figures of introducing Remote- or Digital Tower solutions around the world and he will give you an insight from the start in 2006, where SAAB are today and how the future looks like.

Saab was the first in the world, in 2015, to get an operational approval for a Digital Tower solution and creating the first Digital Airport Center, which today operates four airports. The second Digital Airport Center in Sweden, soon to be finalized, will have the capacity of up to twenty-two airports. However, a true statement is – “technology is only half of the delivery”.

About Per Ahl

Background as mechanical engineer and commercial pilot flying for Scandinavian Airlines (DC9 and B737NG), with a wide range of experience from Airlines (from Station Handling to Flight Operation). Per has been involved in Safety and R & D programs globally since early 1990 and been a speaker at numerous international events the last 25 years.

Joined Saab 2008 as Head of Marketing and Sales ATM. Been part of several national and international acquisition and integrations during the years, which have gain Per a lot of experience and knowledge to work in and manage multi-culture organizations.

Per has been instrumenting the introduction of Remote/Digital Tower on global base and the solution has now become widely recognized from all stake holders that is the future solution for tower operations.

About Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, SDATS

Saab Digital Tower Solutions is a Joint Venture between Saab and LFV, focusing of introducing Digital TWR Solutions and supporting global customers.

Per was speaker at the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference.

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