Ex-Ubisoft devs are recreating the entire planet using drones (VIDEO)

Ex-Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry devs Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand have founded a new studio Pixyul, where the pair is developing a “survival action RPG” that uses drones to map out the entire real world. No, really.

“Using small civilian drones, like the eBee mini-drone developed by senseFly, a partner of Pixyul, our intention is to drone source and recreate the entire planet one square kilometer at a time,” the wildly ambitious new indie outfit explained. “These autonomous drones are equipped with small digital HD cameras and they map out the environment by taking thousands of pictures. These pictures are processed with existing 3D software to reconstructs the actual environment as 3D objects. This data and these 3D objects will generate the game’s environment or in video game terms, the level design.”

If that wasn’t crazy enough, the developer wants players’ in-game avatars to experience the live weather conditions in that locale. “The world of ReRoll is also deeply connected to reality. The Reality System Sync (RSS) connects the real world to ReRoll,” Pixyul added. “Days are 24 hours with day & night cycles, with time set to where your character is in the world. Real life weather systems are connected to the game universe… if it’s freezing & snowing for real where your character is… it will in the game.” … (Read more)

Source: EuroGamer.net

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