Orbit GT releases re-engineered UAS Mapping 10.6

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies today announces the availability of of its completely re-engineered UAS mapping software solution
orbit_signature_logo“We are pleased to present today our totally innovated and re-engineered UAS mapping solution”, says Peter Bonne, VP Business Development and Senior Product Manager at Orbit GT. “The Orbit UAS Mapping solution
is an all-in-one, high precision, low altitude mapping solution ready-to-use and proved to answer real land surveying tasks. The Orbit UAS mapping software covers all pre- and postflight requirements to setup and automate highly precise mapping and survey projects resulting in ready-to-use quality ortho, dsm and stereo maps for 3D viewing and state-of-the-art mapping purposes up to centimeter precision.”
The UAS Mapping software provides the tools required for automated flight planning and high precision mapping post-processing. Bundled with the powerful Orbit GIS engine, the software enables to create an automated flight plan by defining an area coverage or line inspection project in a minimum number of steps. The software calculates the required waypoints and writes down a full mono or stereo image coverage of your project ready for uas import. After finalizing the automated flight, an automated post-processing of the UAS flight data is easily done by calling the postflight part of Orbit UAS mapping software. First, the UAS data importer feeds the mapping project with the necessary basic data coming from the planning and flight data. Hereafter an automated triangulation based on several point detection and matching techniques with automated blunder detection successfully complete your bundle block adjustment. The DSM, stereo project, and orthophoto are finally made on different scales and allow the professional user to map in the userfriendly 2D or 3D-stereo Orbit GIS environment.

Looking at the today’s civil UAS market, the quadcopter system of Microdrones is able to successfully finalize a photogrammetric waypoint flight of 50 minutes in urbanized as well as rural areas. Fed by the Orbit UAS
flight plan, the Microdrone delivers thanks to the intelligent power distribution highly-detailed, stable vertical images following a fixed flight pattern of overlapping strips without divergent roll, pitch, or yaw.

Beyond the mainstream, Orbit UAS Mapping software together with the Microdrones unmanned aerial system delivers top quality results for today’s professional needs in high-accuracy UAS mapping projects. Applications are found in Surveying, Construction Sites, Mining, BIM, Map Updates, Disaster Mapping, Event

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