Air Force Chief: It’ll Be ‘Years’ Before We Catch Up on UAS Data

To Interpret the flood of imagery UAS collect is a major problem for the Air Force

The Air Force has more drones and more sensors collecting more data than it has humans to interpret what the electronic tea leaves say. The glut of all that video and still imagery is “unsustainable,” says the Air Force’s top civilian — but it’ll be “years” before the Air Force digs its way out of it.

Michael Donley, the secretary of the Air Force, conceded to reporters on Thursday morning that the onslaught of what a former top military official once memorably called “Death TV” prompted the Air Force’s surprising February decision to buy fewer drones. “We’ve clearly playing catch-up,” Donley said. “It’s not just the pilots and manning the aircraft. It’s also the [data] processing exploitation behind that…. We’re collecting data at rates well above what we had in the past.”

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Source: Wired Top Stories

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