In The Future, Our Skyscrapers Will Be Built By Drones (VIDEO)

A Swiss architecture firm is working on plans to use UAVs to assemble a skyscraper. When there are no people involved, how high can you go?

But architecture has always been a discipline of optimism and futurism, and so it’s not surprising that there are architects who want to work with, not against, the unmanned aerial vehicles.

the Swiss architects Gramazio & Kohler are about to publish a book on “Flight Assembled Architecture” with Editions HYX, a concept they presented last year by using quadcopters to assemble a 1:100-scale model of a skyscraper, brick by brick.

Of course, stacking little blocks of foam is easier than full-size, spacious rooms made of gleaming metal. And for all the talk of “a radical new way of thinking and materializing verticality in architecture,” at 600 meters, this imagined building would still be shorter than the drone-free Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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Source: Fast Company

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