Why you should invest in the drone revolution

Drones are most often associated with the military. When people hear the word, “drone,” they often think of stealthy, high-tech unmanned aircraft running missions and firing missiles in remote areas of the world.

If you actually look up the word drone, it means any type of pilotless aircraft, car, gadget or object. I’m going to pull out the remote-controlled dune buggy I have in storage to put a $29 WiFi camera on it that I can control from an app on my iPhone. Boom — I’ve got a drone. I can drive it as I hike around my 40-acre ranch to make some killer footage of my property as it recovers from the Little Bear forest fire that whipped through here two years ago.

The average Joe is starting to see more articles about newer flying versions of my little remote-controlled dune buggy drone, the quad-copter. Speaking of which, we have our first good drone stock coming public soon: GoPro. As Marketwatch’s The Tell put it, “GoPro cameras also tend to be the “cameraman” on many drones.” Ambarella AMBA , which makes some of the chips that go into GoPro is another name I’m digging into as a Drone Revolution play. … (Read more)

Source: MarketWatch.com