Is the open Source community a threat or a relief for the UAS industry?

In many industries open source hard-/software initiatives were not taken seriously………, initially!

After a while people in those industries have noticed that those Do It Yourself ‘nerds’ can offer interesting alternatives, see for example the software industry and today the 3D printing industry as well.

There is a large Open Source Community,, out there.
Will they be a threat for the established UAS industry, or will they offer interesting alternatives for the upcoming commercial market in the ‘near’ future?

What do you think?

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2 Replies to “Is the open Source community a threat or a relief for the UAS industry?”

  1. I do not think open source is that much of a threat to the UAS industry, particularly in military use, as open source UAV’s are a few years behind the technology of small UAV, for large UAV no open source project can come close, mainly due to the large investment required and regulations. Evin if the technology of open source matches that of commercial systems I think the name and branding of commercial systems will win, Look at linux vs windows/mac OS

    So i think open source UAV will only help as it will open the UAV use to more people who would not normally be able to, but in terms of commercial market generally governments and large companies will stick with the big UAS manufacturers.

    1. I agree with the above mentioned. Governments and large companies want to work with reliable systems/companies. Not saying open source is not reliable, but these ‘hobby’ systems are mainly a variant on rc-models and operate in small areas. Mostly completely uncontrolled in non segegrated air, and very low, around 100 feet. It is nice to start in this way and find your way up the ladder, when you get involved with professional systems. In my view it is good for the learning curve of people and companies a like, but in the end they will understand that they need to move to professional systems to be able to earn a penny or two.

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