Legal firms jump on the UAS bandwagon

As the UAS market is growing rapidly legal firms don’t want to miss the legal / financial opportunities.There are many examples like Fafinski Mark & Johnson who has added an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) practice group that will be led by the firm’s aviation group of legal advisors and litigators.

This is an US example, but in Europe and elsewhere they pop up as well.

This is what Fafinski Mark & Johnson stated in their press release: The UAS industry is rapidly expanding, but official regulations are still pending, and there are still no Federal Aviation Regulations that permit commercial uses for UAS, except in special limited circumstances. The Federal Aviation Administration has promised to issue the rules for the operation of UAS, but it is unclear when, due to technical and regulatory obstacles. Despite the uncertain timing, businesses and individuals with an interest in UAS should be seeking legal counsel who can help them navigate the complex impending requirements and regulations.

“As a law firm with aviation roots, we have been tracking this developing industry for years. With the recent heightened awareness of UAS and their vast commercial uses, people are getting increasingly eager to use them, despite the fact that commercial uses are not yet permitted and there are potential liability issues, as well as insurance requirements,” said Donald Chance Mark, Jr., head of the UAS group at FMJ. “This is an undoubtedly exciting area and a game-changer for many industries such as agriculture, real estate, and photography, but all players in this area should be well-informed on the legalities of UAS use. Our goal at Fafinski Mark & Johnson is to guide individuals and businesses through all phases of UAS use, whether that is operating, manufacturing, buying, leasing, selling or insuring UAS.”

Which other Legal firms will jump on the UAS bandwagon?