When open source and drones mix: US Navy better than Army and Air Force

Navy expects significant open source benefits like reduced development and integration time and costs

Tus navyhe US Navy makes more efficient use of open source technology in complex unmanned aircraft than its counterparts in the Army and Air Force.

That was but one of the conclusions of a recent Government Accountability Office report that looked at the use of open source systems in developing advanced military drones.

From the GAO report: The services vary in the extent to which they have adopted open systems for DOD’s 10 largest unmanned aircraft, with the Navy leading the other services. Three of the Navy’s four current and planned unmanned system programs incorporated, or are planning to incorporate, an open systems approach from the start of development in key components of their Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)-the air vehicle, ground control station, and payloads such as cameras and radar sensors.

Conversely, none of the Army or Air Force drone programs incorporated the approach from the start of development because, according to Army and Air Force officials, legacy unmanned programs tried to take advantage of commercial off-the-shelf technology or began as technology demonstration programs, the GAO stated.  That decision however has led to cost over-runs and upgrade difficulties.

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