The conference program starts at 9:30 and ends at 17:00. Below you find the speakers who have confirmed already.

patrique zaman program Patrique (Pi) Zaman, Entrepreneur & Aeronaut, Avy avy logo program
caroline gevaert program Caroline Gevaert, Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Specialist, The World Bank, on ‘Opportunities for Cargo Drones in Africa and Lake Victoria Challange. ‘ world bank logo program
filip Verhaeghe program Filip Verhaeghe, Owner & CEO, (UN)MANNED, Belgium (un)manned logo program
Sanjeev Gadhia Sanjeev Gadhia, Director – Innovation, Astral Aerial Solutions, Kenya, on “Africa – The next frontier for Commercial Drones”, More information
Barry Koperberg Barry Koperberg, Founder & General Manager, Wings For Aid, The Netherlands, on “Key learnings of Cargo Drone mission for UN in Dominican Republic”, More information wings for aid program
ulrich hoffmann program Ulrich Hoffmann, Project Lead UAV Services, LUFTHANSA TECHNIK AG, Germany lufthansa technik logo program
sara de la rosa program Sara de la Rosa, on ‘Unmanned Cargo Aerial solutions for public health’
Christopher Spagnoletti, Director of Sales & Business Development, US Cargo Systems, USA, More information US Cargo Systems
hans heerkens programma Hans Heerkens, Assistant Professor, University of Twente / Chairman, Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft twente university program
Student Session
José Ignacio de Alvear Cárdenas José Ignacio de Alvear Cárdenas, Aerospace Engineering Master student at Delft University of Technology, on “Silent Delivery Drone, Silentium: The Alternative Method of Package Delivery”, More information