16:1516:30Virtual Waitingroom
16:3016:40Pieter HermansModerator
Pieter Hermans, Jakajima, Opening and Welcome
Read more
16:4017:00Duopresentation: Hans Heerkens, Chairman, Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, Read more
Dennis PrakDuopresentation: Dennis Prak, Assistant Professor, University of Twente, Read more
17:0017:20ed de reyesEd de Reyes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sabrewing Aircraft, on "UAM, AAM, Drone and UAV - What's In A Name?", Read more
17:2017:40diana siegelDiana Siegel, VP Commercial Programs, Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
17:4018:00David MerrillDavid Merrill, CEO / Co-Founder, Elroy Air, on "Building the Adjacent Possible: Autonomous VTOL for Middle-Mile Logistics", Read more
18:0018:15Virtual Coffee and Network Break
18:1518:35Parimal Kopardekar, Director, NASA Aeronautics Research Institute, on "Accommodating Unmanned Cargo Operations in the National Airspace System", Read more
18:3518:55jan willem van dijkJan Willem van Dijk, Innovationmanager, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands
18:5516:15Gokul SrinivasanGokul Srinivasan, Director Of Technology, Robots Expert Finland Oy, on "Drone Deliveries: Who pays the bills?", Read more
19:1519:30Virtual Coffee and Network Break
19:3019:50Celine HourcadeCeline Hourcade, Founder & Managing Director, Change Horizon / Transition Director, Sustainability, The International Air Cargo Association TIACA, on "Cargo drones in the next normal", Read more
19:5020:10olivier defaweOlivier Defawe, Director, Health Systems; Drones for Health Program Lead, VillageReach, on "The potential for last mile drones delivery in a Pandemic", Read more
20:1020:30jeroen winkJeroen Wink, CEO & Co-founder, Dawn Aerospace, on "Flying to space twice a day: Rocket powered UAVs for space transportation", Read more
20:30End of the Conference

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