The Conference program is under development. More speakers will be added. For updates, please visit this page regularly.

Monday September 9 | Tuesday, September 10 | Wednesday, September 11

Pre-conference weekend program

If you arrive early for the conference, we invite you to take a look at the possibilities we offer for the weekend September 7-September 8. More information

Monday, September 9

Welcome reception including All Around World dinner, 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM at Greenville Convention Center. Reception is for all registered attendees, speakers, VIP, etc. 

Tuesday, September 10

Keynote: Christopher Spagnoletti, President, US Cargo Systems, USA, on "How to Manage Cargo in the UCA Universe",Read more
logisticsDavid Merrill, CEO / Co-Founder, Elroy Air
Speaker to be announced, UAVOS, on 'Converted UAV for cargo delivery'
jeremy tucker programJeremy Tucker, Co-Founder, AirBox Technology
Mahesh Nandyala, President, S3M Solutions LLC, USA / India
Patrick Watson, Director Of Business Development, Animal Dynamics, United Kingdom, on "Parafoil UAVs as an Efficient and Viable Alternative Solution for Last Mile Distribution",Read more
Ed de ReyesEd De Reyes, CEO / Co-Founder, Sabrewing Aircraft Company, USA, on "Unmanned Regional Cargo Carrier Drones: Opening New Markets", Read more
Sara de la Rosa, Supply Chain specialist for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Olivier DefaweOlivier Defawe, Director, Health Systems; Drones for Health Program Lead, VillageReach, USA, on "Logistic Integration of Cargo Drones into Public Health Supply Chain", Read more
Basil Yap, NCDOT UAS Program Manager, North Carolina Department of Transportation, USA, on 'NCDOT participation in the FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program'
Barry Koperberg, Founder & General Manager, Wings For Aid, The Netherlands
Inseong Hwang, Senior Research Engineer, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea, on "Conceptual Study on Docking-Undocking Unmanned Ground-Air Delivery System", Read more

Networking dinner 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM in Greenville Convention Center, only for speakers / delegates and invitees

Wednesday, September 11

Demos and demo flights at North Carolina Global Transpark and/or visit to US Cargo Systems factory. More information will follow soon.

Call for speakers: Do you have an interesting and enthusiastic presentation please have a look at our call for speakers page.

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