UAS Event Discussion Forum: Training and examination of the future UAS pilots

The following speakers will attend the discussion forum:

  • André J Clot, Centre Director, European UAV Systems Centre Limited – EuroUSC
  • Hans Houtman, DUS Academy
  • Harmen Abma, Business Manager, National Aerospace Laboratory – NLR
  • Walter Broeders, Managing Director, Unmanned Aviation Solutions

The following topics will be discussed:

  • We are in an vacuum (regulation wise, political wise), but what are the minimal requirements for UAS crew education?
  • What distinctions need to be made between class one and class two operations education?
  • Do we need other differenciations?
  • How about organisational separation of education and examination? Is that economically possible, and is it preferable in order to maintain high standards?
  • Each individual country can not make the rules on its own. We need (at least) a European solution. How can we contribute to that?

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Members of the following organizations will get a discount when they  register.

  • Assorpas
  • AVBS
  • EDTA
  • NIDV
  • NVvL
  • Pieken in de Delta
  • UAS Denmark
  • UAS Norway
  • UAVS
  • UVS-France

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