Unmanned at Any Speed: Bringing Drones into Our National Airspace

An interesting report from The Brookings Institute which outlines very well the dates that the FAA has missed to cut to the chase

Since FMRA’s passage, three of its most important dates have passed. The first is May 14, 2012, regarding procedures to approve certain UAS flown by law enforcement and other safety agencies. The second, August 12, 2012, concerns UAS that the Secretary of Transportation deems safe to fly, pending completion of the FMRA procedure; and programs for experimental UAS flights in the United States and the Arctic. November 10 is the third.

By that date the FAA had to streamline the COA process for government operated UAS, and develop a “Comprehensive Plan” for the widespread deployment of their privately operated counterparts.


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Source: sUAS News

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