Drone survey tech investments take off

The growth of drone-based surveying technology has taken another leap forward this week, with two major investment moves.

article imageMining computer tech company Maptek has decided to jump on the airborne surveying bandwagon, having made a significant investment in an Adelaide-based start-up, DroneMetrex .

Dronemetrex has developed an innovative new system, for aerial photogrammetric mapping from a small drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called the Topodrone-100.

Dronemetrex managing director Tom Tadrowski would not disclose the exact nature of the investment, instead telling Australian Mining that the Topodrone-100 is a significantly more accurate system than other UAV mapping systems on the market. “We’ve built a mapping system from the ground up, everything is designed for the drone from the start,” Tadrowski said. … (Read more)

Source: Ferret.com