Protei, not a flying drone but an open source sailing one

It’s the second anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Of the many terrible lessons learned from the event, perhaps the most tragic is the shocking inadequacy of current cleanup technology. Given how often we spill oil this is an urgent problem.
Enter Protei: an open source, shapeshifting, oil-spill-cleaning sailboat drone. Developed by a globally connected network of designers, engineers, tinkerers, and makers who are hell-bent on finding a better way to clean up the ocean, Protei kicked off just after the Deepwater Horizon accident.

Watch the video.

“I was working at MIT as project leader developing technologies to clean up the oil spill using patented expensive technologies for a distant future,” says project coordinator Cesar Harada. “I decided to quit my dream job to develop an Open Hardware, affordable, and realist technology to clean up oil spills.”

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Source: Wired Top Stories


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