Automation & Smart Shipping on the inland waterways in Flanders – Presented by Lieven Dejonckheere, De Vlaamse Waterweg

Automation & Smart Shipping on the inland waterways in Flanders – Presented by Lieven Dejonckheere, De Vlaamse Waterweg NV at the Unmanned Cargo Ship Conference, which takes place on June 13, 2017, at Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands.

De Vlaamse Waterweg nv is the public authority responsible for the management of the navigable inland waterways in Flanders,  and aims to enhance the multidisciplinary use of the inland waterway network in all aspects of economic, urban and nature development for the region.

About Lieven Dejonckheere
Lieven Dejonckheere has 20 years of experience in managing technology projects at the University of Ghent, in the aviation industry and in both the maritime and inland shipping sectors. He is responsible for remote operation of locks & bridges and for vessel traffic management on the inland waterways in Flanders.

About De Vlaamse Waterweg NV
De Vlaamse Waterweg NV (DVW) works towards a dynamic management of our waterways, including the areas along it. De Vlaamse Waterweg stimulates the use of these waterways and this land, while taking into account the interests of all stakeholders involved and paying attention to sustainable growth, flood protection and integrated water management.

About Unmanned Cargo Ship Conference

Sea freight volumes continue to increase and shipping industry is challenged with finding new ways to offer competitive and sustainable services. Still in its infancy, research and development projects into unmanned maritime cargo initiatives are aiming to bring about massive disruptions in the global transportation world throughout the complete logistics value chain.

Focus topics: Remote control technology; Security; Legal and liability implications;Autonomous operation architecture (5G / satellite);Human factors;New value chains / business models and more…..

The Unmanned Cargo Ship Conference is part of the first global multimodal unmanned cargo systems event – a two-day event (Jun 13-14, 2017) that includes 4 dedicated conferences and an exhibition:Cargo Innovation ConferenceUnmanned Cargo Ship ConferenceUnmanned Cargo Ground Vehicle ConferenceUnmanned Cargo Aircraft ConferenceSmart Logistics Expo


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