How to Manage Cargo in the UCA Universe

by Christopher Spagnoletti, US Cargo Systems

With over 70 years of Cargo Handling experience, U.S. Cargo Systems will provide an overview of Cargo Management techniques to be considered when designing an Unmanned Cargo Aircraft.


About Christopher Spagnoletti

Chris has over 25 years of experience in developing complex aerospace utility systems. Before Chris was President, he was Director of Sales and was responsible for the engineering & technology teams at US Cargo systems. Chris joined US Cargo Systems in 2010 and has worked in the past for companies such as: UTC, Breeze Eastern and CR Bard. Chris earned his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont.

About US Cargo Systems
US Cargo Systems is a worldwide leader in the design and development of Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery Systems. We are proud of our over 70 year heritage serving countless commercial and military aircraft customers with leading edge technologies. Whether the need is for smart, lightweight and robust cargo handling, or flight critical complex systems, we have field proven solutions.

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