Pilot-less planes not a pipe dream, head of Google drone project says

The head of a project that is developing commercial drones predicts the day will come when passenger aircraft will fly without pilots. Dave Vos, head of Google’s Project Wing, said Monday his personal view is that it’s completely doable and that it will occur in his lifetime. 

“I’m completely confident it’s going to happen and I’m going to be a part of it — there’s no question,” the 54-year-old pioneer in unmanned aerial vehicles told reporters.

Vos was speaking at the start of a three-day symposium on remotely piloted aircraft systems that’s being hosted in Montreal by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Project Wing is a delivery system that uses self-flying vehicles to transport goods quickly and safely.

Tests using a fleet of drones were carried out in Australia over the past two years and a video on YouTube shows a drone, which looks like a flying wing, lowering a package of doggie treats to the ground using a tether.

As for commercial use, Vos would not give a timetable, saying he would like to see his pilotless aircraft operating “as soon as possible.” … (read more)

Source: Kitchener.ca