The Future of Film Technology (VIDEO)

First flight of the Oculus Rift FPV system!
This system is completely digital. A laptop in the air compresses the video from the two cameras in realtime and sends them over 802.11n (2.4 GHz) down to the laptop on the ground.

Latency is around 120 ms – fully usable for flying!

Range is 50-100 m using built-in wlan-cards in laptops. We will increase this by using external APs. Ranges for e.g. Ubiquiti-systems are quoted as several km – using legal frequencies and power levels.

There is a _huge_ difference between this and an analogue FPV system. The all-digital design means realtime HD video from multiple cameras can be broadcasted and combined into a view-sphere which can then be viewed in a below-25-ms latency loop between ground computer and the Rift.

Intuitive Aerial makes premium aerial camera rigs that makes the modern movie director’s dream come true, realizing unreachable camera paths and action scenes without technological limitations, within an industry of eternal demand for innovation and technical breakthrough, taking content to the next level.

Intuitive Aerial leverages the latest electronic sensor and drone technology to make flying camera rigs. The company’s products carry the camera into the air, while maintaining the smooth and stable movements required by the industry. With an airborne camera carrier the creative freedom is incredible – ground based systems are too constrained to compete and manned helicopters are too big and noisy to be able to create the motion paths captured by Intuitive Aerial.

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