Anders la Cour-Harbo of Aalburg University will speak about the research challenges for UAS

Associate Professor at Aalborg University Anders la Cour-Harbo will be speaking at the UAS Event about the research challenges for UAS

Unmanned Aircraft SystemsUAS are becoming more and more popular as commercial products both for military and civilian use. The foundation for this development have been years of public and private research in materials, miniaturization, software, and control algorithms. But much more research is necessary according to Anders la Cour-Harbo to fully realize the potential of small and large unmanned aircraft. This key note speak discusses this need and how to address it in the coming years.

With a PhD in signal processing 2002 and a MSc in mathematics 1998, Anders la Cour-Harbo is now coordinator of research programs on UAS, PhD supervisor and supervisor for numerous master students. Coordinator of the Control & Automation master program at AAU. RC pilot and approved certifier of large model helicopters.

About Aalborg University

The Department of Electronic Systems conducts research, provides teaching and disseminates knowledge within electronics and ICT, and engages in research within a wide range of disciplines, including acoustics, mobile  communication, energy systems, multimedia, antennas and automation and control. It is the biggest department at Aalborg University with 75 faculty staff and 70 PhD students, and the Control & Automation group within the Department counts 25 faculty staff and is actively involved with modeling, analysis and synthesis of control systems and is recognized worldwide for contributions to industrial control. A key focus area for the Department is robotic technology.

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