Business cases for new ventures within UAS – how to attract investors and finance" is the title of a presentation at the UAS Event Denmark

given by Thomas Andersen of House of Relations

During the presentation he will go through the following subjects:

  • The business case (what, why, how)
  • Budgets and finance (incl. Need of capital, Valuation and Return of investment)
  • Finance strategy (where, whom)
  • Investor screening process
  • Negotiation and Due diligence


About House of Relations:
House of Relations is a Digital Management consultancy with a focus on analysis and advice in digital business development.
We specialize in the production of digital strategies for businesses and brands. The founders of the company, Thomas & Harald, are the epitome of IBM meets Mac – ie hardcore business and excelsheet meetings soft values ​​creativity, social media and relationship building.

Click here for the complete seminar program

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