First line-up of speakers of the global Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference

NaamloosThe first line-up of speakers that will be present on the global Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference on February 11th (at University of Twente) are confirmed. 

The following speakers have confirmed their participation:

Ad de Graaff, Ad Quenta: The future of air cargo transport and the role of unmanned cargo aircraft.
Julian Hasinski, Airbus Defence & Space: Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, possibilities and challenges in a European context.
Dr. Alex Chong, University of South Wales: Dropping cargo from UCA for disaster relief – a delicated container system.
Hans Heerkens, UT Twente: UCA & PUCA: international co-operation for making unmanned cargo aircraft a reality.
Arie Schild. NIDV
René Wiegers, NLR

Moderator of the conference is Hans Heerkens, University of Twente.

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