Boudewijn Roddenhof of Royal Netherlands Air Force presents at UCA Conference '14: "Going Unmanned"

Boudewijn Roddenhof presents “Going Unmanned” at Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference ’14. Boudewijn is Staff Officer Project Team MQ-9 Reaper at Royal Netherlands Air Force Command.

The presentation outlines the current status of the MQ-9 Reaper program within the Netherlands Air Force, focusing on some of the unique challenges that arise when introducing a new Unmanned system in a traditionally manned aircraft organisation, to include the public opinion and the critical role of leadership.

RoddenhofAbout Boudewijn Roddenhof
Major Boudewijn Roddenhof joined the Netherlands Air Force in 1993. After flight school he flew at several operational squadrons on the Alouette III, Bo-105 Bölkov and AH-64D Apache helicopter, gaining Type Rating Examiner and Weapons Instructor qualifications. He has deployed multiple times to the Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan and accumulated over 3300 flight hours. He currently works at the Air Command Staff as the Operations specialist in the project team concerned with the introduction of the MQ-9 Reaper UAS within the Netherlands Air Force.

About Royal Netherlands Air Force
The Royal Netherlands Air Force is a modern and high-tech organisation that provides support all over the world to military operations, peace support missions and humanitarian activities. The Royal Netherlands Air Force is also deployed in support of the civil authorities, for disaster relief and in upholding the rule of law.
The Air Force is able to provide airpower on a permanent basis. For this purpose, it has a wide range of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and weapon systems at its disposal. The Air Force has highly qualified personnel who make the deployment of these systems possible.

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