Dr. Alex Chong speaks at UCA Conference: "The design, development & testing of a launch pod off an UCA"

Present at the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference will be dr. Alex Chong – principal lecturer – and mr. Seetloo & miss Selaru – final year students MEng Aeronautical Engineering. They are from University of South Wales (USW) and will broach the subject: The Design, Development & Testing of a Launch Pod Off an UCA. 

The work is concerned with the design identification of a suitable glide mechanism for a launch pod off an UCA, development and subsequently testing of a scaled down model at the University of South Wales. The presentation includes an introduction to the topic followed by the technical design analysis of the said gliding system including a cost estimation of the scaled down model. In addition the conceptual design of an on-board UCA launch mechanism is proposed. Finally a brief plan of work is presented to describe the remaining work packages that need to be completed.

IMG_6676About USW
The University of South Wales (USW) was formed in 2013 by the merger of the University of Glamorgan and the University of Wales, Newport. It is now a University of 3,500 staff with two subsidiaries, The College Merthyr Tydfil and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. With USW, we have created a stronger, larger University with the size and scope to rank and compete with its competitors in the major metropolitan regions of the UK. The University of South Wales is a major player in British and global higher education.

About Dr. Alex Chong
Dr. Chong graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1994 and subsequently went on to complete a Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence based control system in 1999 from what was the University of Glamorgan (now University of South Wales). Since rejoining USW in 2003 he has been involved in research, teaching and course management. He is the subject leader in aeronautical engineering and his main research interest is in the application of AI techniques to the diagnosis/control of engineering systems which include industrial combustion systems and more recently high strength composite structures.

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