Svilen Rangelov, DRONAMICS presents: "Supply Chain Optimization with UCA"

Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder, Business Development of DRONAMICS, presents at the UCA Conference: “Supply Chain Optimization with Unmanned Cargo Aircraft”. 

Separating the crew from the cargo aircraft can open the door for a number of optimization opportunities of any supply chain, lowering the cost of bringing goods to market, increasing competitiveness and stimulating consumption in the economy.

SvilenRangelov_photoAbout Svilen Rangelov
A serial entrepreneur, Svilen Rangelov has extensive experience in project management, marketing and business development. An Economics major from Davidson College (USA), he has managed to raise mid-seven figures for a variety of startup projects on four continents.

DRONAMICS is a Dutch-Bulgarian company developing advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems optimized for heavy payloads and long range, for use in commercial and special logistics missions. Find out more about Dronamics

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